Jump the Rope

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A short and upbeat track with some retro game sounds.

The View From Up High


A track to accompany the view onto a planet from the bridge of a space ship, in a far future medieval universe.
We watch orange beams of light pierce the atmosphere of an alien planet as its orbiting star comes up over the horizon. The view pans back through the force field of the dreadnought and into the bridge. Here, the lord inquisitor stands watch and takes in the view before he turns and paces across the hall, lost in thought.

Für Ida

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A short and soft piano piece I composed for my godchild. I hope you enjoy :-).

Watchmakers Ball

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A steampunk waltz with church choir. Slightly creepy.
Flavor: On her stroll through her old hometown Christie walks past the town hall, where the local technocracy is holding a ball. Fascinated she stops to watch the noble and dignified event collapsing more and more into chaos and decadence.

Trance of the Vampires

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A dark dance track with an epic Choir and a sample from Underworld.
Buy the movie(s), for example at: amazon.de or amazon.com and enjoy nonsparkling vampires, great action and Kate Beckinsale’s outfit.

The Old Garden House

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I have recorded two versions of this song with two different pianos:

A quiet and nostalgic piano piece, Version 1
A quiet and nostalgic piano piece, Version 2 with the New York Grand Piano.
Flavor: Christie sees the old house in her grandparants vast gardens, a place where she used to play with friends as a little girl and that is now nothing more than an empty shell.


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A steampunk piece, with some quiet and sentimental parts and a grand finale.
Flavor: Christie opens the music box (Spieluhr) she found in her grandparents attic.

The Attic

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A quiet and nostalgic piano piece.
Flavor: Christie searches the attic of her grandparents house for some of her old toys and stumbles over an old music box (Spieluhr). Mesmerized by its beauty, she decides to take it with her, forgetting all about her actual goal.


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A quirky electro dance track with a touch of weirdness.

Turn the Wheel

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A short and weird, steampunk inspired piece.
Flavor: Strolling through her old hometown Christie walks by a street musician, that has been there since she was little.