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This is a slightly mad EBM footnote to our Shadowrun soundtrack.
This high velocity track accompanies the camera as it cuts fast from one room of the rundown Redmond Barrens apartment building to the next, where a crew of five runners is getting ready for the big score… just like last month.

The plot thickens

 The site is beginning to look less like Weltschmerz.  

For all those who are following this alpha version of our website: I very honestly hope that you notice a certain aesthetic upgrade to the entire appearance. I can do virtually nothing about the torturing stock photography that sarik uses for the releases, but everything else is already quite presentable, I reckon!

From now on I am grateful for any and every hint as to what could need improvement. If you’re reading this in short order after I publish it, then you know how to reach me. If it is five years in the future, I am certain you will be able to find my email address somewhere on this website.

cheers, rattle

Trance of the Vampires

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A dark dance track with an epic Choir and a sample from Underworld.
Buy the movie(s), for example at: amazon.de or amazon.com and enjoy nonsparkling vampires, great action and Kate Beckinsale’s outfit.



Hello and welcome to our webpage, visitor,

We are two composers from Germany, sarik (Oliver) and rattle (Jesko). It is our goal to provide you with a – purely instrumental – soundtrack to your daydreams and help you to escape into other worlds and tell, live and feel your own stories. In short: We want to be fuel for your imagination.

The style we compose in varies quite a bit and you will find steampunk inspired music, as well as dance tracks, fantasy pieces, classical piano music and much more. Of course, there is a demo available for each piece.

On the left side of this webpage you will find the fluff. A few short stories, funny videos and whatnot. On the right side there is the crunch, which means the list of pieces you can buy.

We hope that you will enjoy your stay and if there is anything that we can help you with do not hesitate to ask.

With kind regards,
sarik & rattle