The Renraku Arkology Elevator Selection

 a.k.a. our Shadowrun Soundtrack  , ,

Some tracks do not play in a loop in the album version – for these, looping versions are also provided. For two tracks that play in meeting locations, we have added “negotiation room” versions, which are simply the same track, but with a low-pass filter added to make them sound as if in an adjacent room.

The Shadowrun Main Theme

The main theme of our Shadowrun soundtrack. It is designed for dramatic opening scenes where the GM sets the stage or gives a short recollection of what has happened so far.


A slightly shorter version of the main theme which ends on a more tense note. It might be a better choice for cliffhangers.

The Sprawl

A simple synthwave background piece for suspenseful scenes. The night sky hangs overhead, neon lights flicker, and you catch a brief glimpse of a young Orc jamming on her electric guitar.
(same track, but plays in a loop)

Redmond by Night

The Redmond Barrens at night are the embodiment of quiet - too quiet. There might be nobody in sight, but every foot step echoes across the asphalt like an unspoken threat of violence.
(same track, but plays in a loop)

No Rain Tonight

Another generic piece set in the sprawl of an unnamed Shadowrun megaplex, except that the skies are clear tonight, weaving a strange feeling of reprieve into the ominous anticipation of what is to come.
(same track, but plays in a loop)

Drek Hits the Fan

Tap, clack. One step too far. Silent alarms erupt from the building's security and flood your retinas with crimson fire - barely in time for the reflex booster to kick in and haul your ass behind cover.
(same track, but plays in a loop)

Relentless Pursuit

You made it out and breathe a sigh of relief as you squeeze into the bulldog parked outside the back entrance. The smell of burnt rubber fills your nostrils as the commlink flares up with a familiar voice: "What took you so long, you filthy pedestrians? Buckle up, this ain't over yet."
(same track, but plays in a loop)

When The Shadows Are Darkest

Sometimes, the shadows get to you. Sometimes, the smell of blood, and ozone, and chrome, is just too much. Sometimes, you have to watch someone eat a bullet just to realize that you were more than business acquaintances after all.
(same track, but plays in a loop)


It's dark, loud, and just a little retro. Bodies of all shapes and sizes writhe on every layer of the underground arena, ebbing and flowing along with the steady beat of a drum. The club is lit by nothing but strobe lights and the red laser beams that pierce the smoke-filled air. Well, it wasn't your call. Johnson wanted to meet here.
(same track, but plays in a loop)
(negotiation room version)
(negotiation room version, plays in a loop)

Lukewarm Soybeer

It's not a good bar. It's not good soybeer. It's not a good band. But it's your bar. And it's your soybeer. And the drummer is a cute dwarf from two blocks down.
(same track, but plays in a loop)
(negotiation room version)
(negotiation room version, plays in a loop)

Surfing The Grid

The light and disembodied feeling of riding your consciousness across the local Matrix grid at the speed of light is, well, somewhat indescribable - this melody is but a feeble attempt to do so.
(same track, but plays in a loop)

Astral Projection

Melodizing the sensation of an astral projection is difficult: The experience is different for every practitioner. But one must feel a certain sense of awe and wonder gazing upon the realm of spirits, still unexplored, and full of unknown terrors.


But seriously now, HOW MUCH KARMA DID WE GET



This is a slightly mad EBM footnote to our Shadowrun soundtrack.
This high velocity track accompanies the camera as it cuts fast from one room of the rundown Redmond Barrens apartment building to the next, where a crew of five runners is getting ready for the big score… just like last month.